Personal Accident and Sickness

Insurance to protect income following accident or sickness

For anyone losing their income as a result of an accident or sickness can cause substantial disruption in their lives, our Personal Accident and Sickness markets aim to protect that income irrespective of whether the accident happens at work or during your leisure time. From an employers perspective providing employees with a guaranteed source of income is an attractive job benefit and from your own perspective, you probably don’t get paid if you don’t work.

Payments made under a personal accident policy following an accident at work can substantially reduce the cost of an employers’ liability claim and in some cases, as the employee still has an income it can thwart a claim arising. We can help you decide the amount of cover required for your business and review the type of exposures your business has so you do not find your business underinsured. We understand that how much you pay is very important to you and we undertake a Fair Market Analysis on every risk to make sure we offer you the very best of cover at the best price we can procure on your behalf.

Personal Accident and Sickness
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