Legal Expenses

Insurance for contract and employee disputes

We live in more litigious times and legal expenses cover is imperative for all businesses. Cover available includes protection against employment disputes and awards, Health and Safety appeals and tax investigation protection. It can usually be extended to include contract disputes and debt recovery and where appropriate protection for any statutory licences held by the business.

We can help you decide the amount of cover required for your business and review the type of exposures your business has so you do not find your business underinsured. We understand that how much you pay is very important to you and we undertake a Fair Market Analysis on every risk to make sure we offer you the very best of cover at the best price we can procure on your behalf.

What is insured automatically:

  • Employment disputes – £100,000
  • Employment compensation awards – £100,000
  • Legal defence – £50,000
  • Property disputes – £50,000
  • Tax protection – £50,000

In addition, the following covers are available for an additional cost of £165.92:

  • Health & Safety appeals – £50,000
  • Contract disputes and debt recovery – £50,000
  • Court attendance – £1,000
  • Licence protection – £50,000
  • Personal injury – £50,000
Legal Expenses
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