Excess of Loss Insurance

Insurance for higher limits of Public and Products Liability Cover

Many contracts and exposures require a limit of liability in excess of the standard limits provided under your employers, public and products liability cover. This may be because a higher limit has been requested by an employer or main contractor or because you have assessed your exposure as being higher.

We offer a Fair Market Analysis broking service for Excess of Loss cover and can access markets up to £35 million on the day of request. We can help you decide the amount of cover required for your business and review the type of exposures your business has so you do not find your business underinsured. We understand that how much you pay is very important to you, particularly in these times of rising raw materials and labour costs and we undertake a Fair Market Analysis on every risk to make sure we offer you the very best of cover at the best price we can procure on your behalf.

Package includes: Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability

Excess of Loss Insurance
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