Directors and Officers Liability

Insurance for the liability of a firm's Directors and Officers acting outwith the scope of authority of the firm.

Insurance for the liability of a firm’s Directors and Officers acting outwith the scope of authority of the firm and its Shareholders Management liability cover is a vital cover for businesses trading in these complex times. The responsibilities placed on Directors and Officers of your business by legislation has never been more onerous and these responsibilities may not fall within those of the company leaving the individual exposed to a claim or regulatory action. These responsibilities attach to not only current Directors and Officers but past officials and for acts committed by past and current officials upon future officials, you are not just responsible as a Director or an Officer for your own acts.

We offer pure Directors and Officers cover as well as protection for your responsibilities in respect of your duties as an employer and in addition cover for the entity itself where it is found to have failed in its duty to ensure your proper conduct. We offer a full Fair Market Analysis service to businesses in Edinburgh and the Lothians; checking with most insurers and with exclusive access to some Lloyd’s products we think we have your needs covered.

Whilst price is important to most businesses getting the right structure to your insurance programme is equally as vital. Utilising the unique experience of our sister brand’s underwriters at Premco Underwriting we aim to offer you an unapparelled service for your business insurance needs coupling price with quality of cover and service.


Directors and Officers Liability
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