Shops, stores and dealerships are the lifeblood of commerce in our city. We have over two decades experience in providing the right insurance policies.


Why choose Premier Commercial?

As Edinburgh’s leading independent commercial insurance broker, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver the tailored services you need.

  • Independent: While other leading brokers have been acquired by big national and international groups, we’ve remained resolutely independent. Owning our own business means we care.
  • Local: We’re based in Edinburgh, and almost all our business comes from the city and surrounding area. We know the capital like no one else.
  • Expert: Premier Commercial has been serving Edinburgh for over 25 years and between us, our team has a wealth of experience in all key business and industry sectors.

Retail Insurance

Running your own retail business can be an endless source of worry, but Edinburgh insurer Premier Commercial is here to help. Our retail insurance looks after not only your shop but your staff and customers too.

As well as Public Liability insurance, we can insure your stock, cover your building and provide Employers’ Liability to protect your staff. We even offer online retailer insurance to help keep your web store up and running.

Whether you sell handmade hats or run a family fishmonger, we will listen carefully to your needs and put together the most appropriate insurance for your retail business, providing you with peace of mind against the unexpected.

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